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I'm honored you're interested in my work!  It'd be a privilege to collaborate and create something beautiful together.  I love meeting over coffee or lunch - so drop me a line and share a bit about yourself - you can expect a response within three business days.

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   (425) 628-0861

   13110 NE 177th Pl #353
   Woodinville, WA, 98072


Meet Jenn

I'm passionate about doing more than merely surviving, and strive for adventure.  My brain moves faster than I can keep up, and somehow I always have dirt under my nails.  

My mantra is to live with purpose, and radically accept what we truly have no control in.  "Inspirare" is Latin, meaning "to breathe life into," and I harness this concept in not only my work, but my personal life.  I'm constantly pushing myself creatively, and enjoy learning new in-camera effects.  When I can produce a natural whimsical, dreamy, abstract twist on a photo, I get really excited.  

"We must love life more than we love photography."

I was lucky enough to have been born and raised in the PNW, and am immensely proud to call Seattle my home.  When I'm not catching up with my son and romping around with our 60lb lap-dog, you can find me wandering the coast and trails, hiking, kayaking, exploring, and camping as I photograph my journeys.

I've always had a deep rooted desire to document moments.  I hold fond memories snapping shots of everything when I was a child, with any kind of camera I could get my fingers on; from trips to Yellowstone to Crater Lake.  I found peace in viewing life through a lens - and continue to live a life of adventure, with a camera in my hand.  

I began photographing professionally while in school for medical assisting, in 2011.  After working for the prestigious SCCA and Evergreen in specialty geriatric care, I began photography full time. 

Now in my 7th professional year, I am humbled and cannot imagine doing anything else!  

I dream of traveling the world, through-hiking the PCT and PNT in its entirety, publishing a book, flying planes and parasails, traveling to places like Iceland // Norway // Holland (roots).

I'm thankful to have your interest, and share my experiences atop mountains, across waters, and from the comfort of my lens, as we journey through this life together.  Lest we forget, it's the in-between moments that's the stuff that really matters.

        - Inspirare ed Espirare