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Rare White Throated Hummingbird

I’m astonished to announce I found a rarity here in Salsipuedes! There’s only 5 documented white throated hummingbirds in the area, and I’m proud to say I’m documenting the 6th.

Found commonly in Buenos Aires and north of there, such as places in Brazil, this hummingbird has been spotted in most notably Rio Ceballos, and Unquillo, near to Salsipuedes. This is the first document (that I could find) actually in Salsipuedes.

This little guy comes to visit nearly daily in our yard, often hanging out in the thorny trees, feeding on the nectar from the yellow flowers which are now blossoming in the heat of Spring. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with this little fellow more over the next month here.

Here you’ll find a couple original links in Spanish of another in the area who has documented the species: