Per Annum Agit

Hello.  It's been a while that I've been in hiatus.  A lot has happened, but more importantly, I've grown.  Isn't it always fascinating how the silver lining in any turbulent time or disaster, is the growth you make; it's not what happens to you, but the choices you make when happenstance shows up on your doorstep.  Never expected, never planned, and always unwelcome.  But in the end, we see that it was just what we needed, as the outcome can be beautiful if you let it, and if you remain true to yourself. 

I don't want to take up too much time with this post, but I'll leave you with my new resolution.  This is resolve for life, not for the new year.  I've learned how to be more independent than I ever imagined.  What wounds need to be nurtured.  How to ask for what I need, and say what I mean.  And how to help others. 

I'm volunteering my time and giving back to the community in any way I can.  I'm working part time still, and taking care of myself.  Working out twice a week, being social, not procrastinating, and maintaining a level of productivity towards ambitions that makes me proud.  Self care is my number one priority, aside from my son.  For if our well is dry, how can we ever provide to others?  We must learn to accept our own limitations and grow where the soil is fertile. 

And with that, with a child on the spectrum and having been through such a turbulent year, I've realized that there's so much I can do to give back to others that are in the same need and predicament I have been. 

I'll still be crafting, and making new artwork, that, with you support, I believe will be a success.  Please, continue to join me in my journey. 

<3  Much love, more to come. 
  - xxoo