Graduation Trashing

I’ve picked up on a few new traditions in my 5ish months here in Argentina; things like clapping when the plane lands, drinking mate, family gatherings and asado on Sundays, are just a few. One thing I wish we did in the US, is for a college graduate getting trashed in a physical experience rather than an intoxicating one.

Our cousin graduated 5 years of psychology back in June; to celebrate her final day of class, following her exam and results, we took to the school grounds to “trash” her with paint, food, water balloons, silly string, confetti, and more. For some, this is an extreme; throwing eggs, vinegar, milk or spoiled milk, rotten veggies, and even mixing it all together and leaving it out a few days before hand. For our cousin, we took a lighter approach and spared her the use of any foods that could become foul-smelling.

This joyous event was shared among close family and friends, and is a tradition I wish we adapted in the states. Enjoy the photos from the event - I hope I’m lucky enough to photograph another trashing one day!