south america

Cake Smash

My nephew turned 1 in June, so just before his birthday we planned a cake smash session, on Father’s Day. On the way to my sister-in-law’s house that morning, the power went out across most of Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and Uruguay - apparently there had been a major power outage due to an error or accident with a Brazilian dam. We were worried that we would be unable to do the session, and with my upcoming return to the states for the Summer we would be unable to reschedule. Fortunately we were able to make the cake with the gas stove using the light of the day, and the power came back on just before the session that evening.

My brother-in-law made the cake and merengue frosting from scratch - he is an excellent cook and baker and we have been lucky enough to have him make all of the cakes for each of our events here in Argentina. My nephew wasn’t too keen on the merengue frosting, as it was quite sticky and he doesn’t like to get messy. He was interested in the cake, but cried when he had too much of the frosting!

I love photographing these because it’s either hit or miss when it comes to whether they’ll enjoy the cake and be interested in it, and it really captures the little’s personality. I loved my nephewe’s smile and laugh, the light in his eyes, and how animated he gets when excited. Such natural joy!