To help you look and feel your best!

So it's the month before your wedding day, and you can take a deep sigh of relief because you're in the home-stretch!  All this work and planning will pay off as it all comes together for you on your wedding day.

And to help you unwind and decompress a little before your big day, I've outlined a few tips and words of advice I hope you'll find helpful during the next few weeks:

  1. This month make sure to get plenty of rest (9 hours a night, minimum).  Your body and mind need it, and sleep deprivation will show in your skin and eyes.
  2. If you don't already, change your pillow case and never, ever go to sleep without washing makeup off your face.  This helps to avoid blemishes and help to keep your skin and pores looking healthy.
  3. Consider a facial within a few days of your wedding day.  They make you skin feel and look AMAZING, and are worth the investment.  Just a gentle exfoliation does the trick.
  4. Drink plenty of water this month!  Not only is this good for your body and mind, but it will make your skin look dewy in your photos.  They say to take half your weight and drink that number in oz. each day.  (Example: If you weighed 150lbs, drink 75oz. water each day).
  5. Practice your dress' back and bustle with whomever will be assisting you on your wedding day, at your final fitting.  Often, you will be shown - but practicing it yourselves (without help) a few times at your final fitting and/or at home is crucial, and will be a time-saver on your wedding day!
  6. The Groom and mother-of-the-Groom, best man, or whomever will be pinning the Groom's boutonniere, should watch a tutorial on YouTube prior to the wedding day.  This is a great short tutorial to watch and get you started!  (click here)
  7. To assist me in capturing all of the details when I begin coverage on your wedding day, it is best to have all the items I will be photographing gathered in one place.  Couples often find it helpful to have a bag, tote, or shoe-box with these items ready for me on the wedding day.  These items are:
    • The rings (Both wedding rings and the engagement ring)
    • The bride's jewelry and the groom's cuff links, watch, etc.
    • The bride's hair pieces (if any) and/or veil
    • The bride's shoes, the groom's shoes
    • The bride's handbag
    • The bride's perfume and groom's cologne
    • The bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonniere
    • The bride's something borrowed, blue, new, and old
    • The groom's tie
    • The stationary (invitations, thank you notes, escort cards, etc.)
    • Wedding guest favor (if possible)
  8. It is helpful to me to have your wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses hung and out of their bags - this also makes for great photo opportunities!  I bring special hangers for the photos, but if you have your own you'd like pictured, it is helpful to have these already transferred and hanging in the room (photo opportunities as you prep!).
  9. Consider bringing flats to wear from point A to point B for photos rather than your heels for 8+ hours on your wedding day.  If you'd like them for height in the pictures, my assistant is happy to carry them for you!
  10. If there is grass or uneven ground you plan to be walking on in heels, consider heel protectors (plastic protectors that sleep over the heel of your shoe).
  11. Take some time before your wedding day to decompress together!  If going out proves challenging or you just don't have the time/energy, a night in with a bottle of wine and a movie will do the trick.  The point is not to think about your wedding or any planning, and enjoy your time together.